Room 23

Room 23


[img src=]6690Room 23 Book Cover
[img src=]7550George Clooney and Diana Jenkins
[img src=]7420Cindy Crawford
[img src=]7560Alice Evans and Ioan Grufford
[img src=]7060Eric McCormack
[img src=]6670Eric McCormack
[img src=]6590Heidi Klum, Blas Flores, and Harvey
[img src=]7210May Anderson
[img src=]6950May Anderson
[img src=]6840James Blunt and Diana Jenkins
[img src=]7370Anneliese Vandenberg
[img src=]6400Dennis Hopper
[img src=]6090Dennis Hopper
[img src=]5960Dennis Hopper
[img src=]6250Tatjana Patitz
[img src=]6040Tatjana Patitz
[img src=]6420Jade Anderson
[img src=]6290Brett Ratner
[img src=]6280Hayden Panettiere
[img src=]7140Hayden Panettiere
[img src=]5920Milo Anthony Ventimiglia
[img src=]5790Sir Elton John
[img src=]5900Lindsay Lohan
[img src=]5870Kevin Zegers
[img src=]6810Judy Len
[img src=]6520Rachel Roberts
[img src=]5950Cindy Crawford
[img src=]6030Diana Jenkins and Cindy Crawford
[img src=]5640Kelly Lynch
[img src=]5470Cindy Crawford
[img src=]5990Diana Ramirez
[img src=]6110Marisa Miller
[img src=]5460Ronnie and Vidal Sassoon
[img src=]5480Tamar and Siran Manoukian
[img src=]5550Zuleika Robinson
[img src=]5360Cheryl Tiegs
[img src=]5270Michele Hicks
[img src=]5150Diana Jenkins
[img src=]5070George Clooney
[img src=]4960Natasha Henstridge
[img src=]4840Irena and Mike Medavoy
[img src=]4830David Furnish
[img src=]5880Sharon Stone and Cheryl Tiegs
[img src=]4960Diana Jenkins
[img src=]5450Sofia Boutella
[img src=]5100Sofia Boutella
[img src=]4660Larry King
[img src=]4740Shawn and Larry King
[img src=]5380Wladimir Klitschko and Lauren Hill
[img src=]4840Wladimir Klitschko
[img src=]5090Stacey Dash
[img src=]4860Tatjana Patitz
[img src=]4750Eric Benét
[img src=]4490Diana Jenkins
[img src=]4520Judith Owen and Harry Shearer
[img src=]4540Eva Herzigova and Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele
[img src=]4950Kid Rock and OSKA
[img src=]4400Kid Rock
[img src=]4470Sheila Kelly
[img src=]4340Ludacris
[img src=]4900Mark Mahoney
[img src=]4560Richard and Liane Weintraub
[img src=]4330Diana Jenkins and Melissa Odabash
[img src=]4320George Clooney
[img src=]4610George Clooney
[img src=]4780Ashanti and Tina Douglas
[img src=]4550Ashanti Douglas
[img src=]5060Amanda Bynes
[img src=]5700Tony Ward and Diana Jenkins
[img src=]5470Ray Liotta
[img src=]4910Alexis Fenton
[img src=]4540Kelly Lynch
[img src=]4390Jessica White
[img src=]4260Jessica White
[img src=]4070Jerry Weintraub
[img src=]4150Gina Gershon
[img src=]4040Sharon Stone
[img src=]3970James Blunt
[img src=]4210Jessica White
[img src=]4010Hani Abu Assad
[img src=]4390Tara Summers
[img src=]4220Tara Summers
[img src=]3890David Spade
[img src=]4130Jessica Stam
[img src=]3870Kenny G.
[img src=]4520Lindsay Lohan
[img src=]4060Rossif Sutherland
[img src=]3900Robin Antin
[img src=]3860Eric Benét
[img src=]4120Rachel Hunter
[img src=]4250Josie Maran
[img src=]4140Jessica Stam and Blas Flores
[img src=]3940Julie Brown
[img src=]3880Jane and Jon Anderson
[img src=]4050Diana Jenkins
[img src=]3710by George Clooney

Room 23 is a fine art coffee table book depicting a year in the life of a private penthouse suite in a hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The year is 2008. Naturally, the subjects are composed of Hollywood’s characters and elite featuring 100 celebrities, including George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Sir Elton John, Dennis Hopper, Larry King, Heidi Klum, Kid Rock, Lindsay Lohan, Ludacris, Moby, Hayden Panettiere, Christian Slater and Sharon Stone. The host: Diana Jenkins. The photographer: Deborah Anderson.

The photographs tell a glamorous story of all that takes place behind these closed doors. They are a mélange of playful, provocative and intimate images that reflect the inspired mood of both Diana and Deborah.

Diana conceptualized the creation of Room 23 motivated by the idea to pair her passion for raising awareness for The Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at UCLA School of Law with beautiful and entertaining photographs of her friends. Jenkins is committed to working and raising funds dedicated to stopping war crimes, genocide and many other human rights violations that will not cease without action.

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