Sanela Diana Jenkins

Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project

The Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project was established at the UCLA School of Law in 2009 to advance the cause of human rights and international justice around the world. The Project engages in a range of activities, continuously identifying and pursuing the most promising opportunities for addressing human rights issues around the globe, while at the same time advancing understanding about human rights through interdisciplinary studies.

The Project utilizes the best scholarship and analyses of human rights and international justice from the fields of law, politics, sociology, history, and economics in order to set its agenda and select human rights opportunities to pursue. And it uses its practical engagement in human rights advocacy to improve scholarly understanding.

Typical activities have included the development and utilization of web-based technologies to advance human rights; assistance to and support of prosecutors and judges in international criminal tribunals; conferences, roundtable discussions, and speakers series focused on developing a breakthrough understanding of particular human rights challenges.

The Project also supports human rights and international justice by training the next generation of lawyers in the field. Noted international law scholar Professor Richard H. Steinberg is Director of the Project.